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lunedì 4 giugno 2012

commissioned work: Bonjour Paris

hello everyone!!! it's a long time I don't write my blog, sorry :( I'm so busy . . .

I received a commission about a girl that loves Paris for her Nokia 5300 express music cell phone. And so I did it :)
a really Paris inspired theme for her phone!! the girl was so happy!!!
glad to granted another customer's wish ^__^

I put here the main pic and the link for downloading, but remember : Only for Nokia, I don't know if it can be suit to every nokia's model design.
thank you for following me, even If I'm so inactive with my blog lately <3

 link for the theme download

martedì 7 febbraio 2012

other wallpapers for you :)

I show you other wallpapers that I did for commission
I hope you  like :)
they suit mini.portable screen (1024 x 679 )
but I can do them in whatever sixe you need :)

thank you for looking :) please use them as you want!!

A prize for me!!!!

I received this wonderful prize from a dear friend : Elettra (click on the name to see her wonderful blog!!)
thank you my dear!!!
the prize is the "Liebster" that means "favourite blog", and now I have to give this prize to 5 people's blog too :) that have less then 200 followers.

Anna Marine (because she do incredible art works!)
Cynthia Malbon dolls (for her wonderful creations)
Joanna Thomas dolls (because I love her dolls)
period drama (because I LOVE english period dramas!!!)
verliebtinkunst ('cause her fairies are so cute!! )

thank you!! :)

martedì 17 gennaio 2012

some wallpaper for you!! :)

hi everyone!! how are you??
I'm here for showing you some wallpaper I did for a person :)
they are 1024 x 679 px and are suitable for a mini portable pc :)
please take if you like :)

see you soon for other ones :)