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giovedì 29 settembre 2011

Fairy Mom and her baby

a new work for you!! :)
a quick sketch because I don't have so much time :( I'm sorry
I hope you like this Mom and the little child ^_^
I will try to be more present and to write some fairytale for you!!
bye for now :)

lunedì 26 settembre 2011

Angelic blue sky

and this is the picture I chose to represent my Blog :)
I wanted something that show the atmosphere of the Title, and I drew it, I hope it gives the same atmosphere to you too ^_^
so I made the backround for it
If you need some background for your blog, call me!! I will be happy to draw for you :)

Red Cape and the Wolf

naturally I don't like the tragic end of the Wolf ^ ^
so, in my story, they are friendly each other

enjoy it :)

welcome home

a lovely picture of a couple of bunnies for you! ^_^
it's suitable as an illustration for fairytales
I love fairytales and you?? :)

I hope you will love it

the Centaur

it was done a lot of time ago, so it's not so beautiful and full of errors ^ ^'' sorry :)

be good XD 

lullaby of the sea

this is a fairy sleeping on the waves of the sea
shh. . . it's singing a lullaby for her ^_^

thank you for looking :)

happy birthday fairy

and I show you this lovely fairy while she is eating your birthday cake!! ^__^
don't scold her ^ ^ she is jush hungry, and to find a fairy in a birthday cake it's a GREAT thing!!
it means you will be lucky forever ^_^

this picture can be stamped for your greeting cards :)
if you are interested visit my deviantart page :)
               greeting cards

or if you don't want to buy from deviantart call me, I will sell you some :)
Come on!! ^__^

break-fast time :)

and who is there?
a little child eating her breakfast cookies ^__^
I know, it's not a good thing looking someone while he is eating
sorry little girl!! ^__^

a little curious fairy

another of my fairie picture ^_^
she looks bit scared but I know that she is just shy ^ ^ and she wants to know you!!

thanks for looking :)

after the rain

this drawing was born in a rainy day :)
It rained so much that day that I felt like the little girl in the picture..."When will it stop raining? When will I go out?"
and so I drew it :)
naturally couldn't miss a lovely four-legged friend :)
I wonder what game will have made that girl and her little friend

looking this pic bring me back in the past, when we, all children, stopped our plays because of the rain, and we were here, all together, waiting for the sun. . .
and then, when also the last drop of rain fell, all the children went out playing in the streets that smelled of humidity
what a beautiful memory . . .


Another thing that I like vey much is the world of Circus . . .
I don't accept everything of Circus, especially the exploitation of animlas, but I like its atmosphere, the freedom of its workers, I admire their skills and so on...
And I decided to draw a trapezist artist, the closest artist near the sky

Commissioned work: Marine watch

another commissioned work :)
This time the subject was a marine landscape, and we chose this one!!

If you want a personalized watch, you need only to ask!!! :)

A christmas plate

First of all, I wanted to say that I LOVE Crhistmas!!!! And I can't wait its coming!!
It's a magic time, with a lots if light, the time to be all together, the most beautiful time of the year!!!
Are you agree?? ^ ^
the last Crhistmas I did this plate, with a picture I found in internet. I like a lot this pic because it shows exactly the Christmas atmosphere . . . so nostalgic

sorry for the bad photos :(

commissioned work: a plate for our faithful friends :)

this is a plate I did some time ago. the name of the dog is Louise :)
and he was very happy for the gift ^ ^
and you? don't you wanna make a gift for your four-legged friend like this?? ^ ^
I accept commission!! Come on!!

The song of the Ocean

this drawing is done with acrylic painting, but I'm not satisfied, I don't like it very much -__-
the subject is a mermaid that listen happily the voice of the Ocean...

thanks for looking :)

if you like a fabric with this printed image above, please go there :)
my drawings on fabric

Eros, The God of the love

this time I show you a canvas (50 cm x 70 cm / 19,7 - 27,6 inches)  :)
The theme was "draw a mythological subject", and I chose Eros because I love Angels!!! and especially the beautiful winged boys!!! lol XD
I enjoyed a lot doing it, even if the canvas was so big and I don't have an easel ^ ^ I painted all the time standing, on my table ^ ^

I hope you like it, I think the best part is the sky. . . I like when it turns so. . .

if you like a fabric with this printed drawing above click there :)


this one is done with colored chalks too and with some acrylics some time ago, but, sincerely, I don't like it ^ ^''
I think I ruined it with the color -_-
I did for practise again with this technique, but honestly I prefer other ones ^ ^

the fight between the Centaurs

another drawing done some time ago with the colored chalks :)
this time the subject are the Centaurs...strange mythological creatures half man and half horses.
It's not one of my favourite themes, but it was asked and so I did :)
Moreover, it was useful for me to know the technique of colored chalks, before this drawing I had never used them :)

another bad picture, sorry :(
remember it's covered with copyright, don't use it :)

Horses and sky

This drawing was done some time ago... I did it for practice with the technique of colored chalks :)
I saw a beautiful photo on internet and I decided to propose it ^ ^
obviously the real photo was much more beautiful!! XD

A kiss to a dear friend

another sketch, and this one done very very quickly, only 5 minutes XD
she is a fairy that kisses her lovely bunnies ^_^
I love bunnies, they are so sweet and faithful.
Anyone who has never had one in the house, cannot understand ,really ;)

please excuse the poor quality of drawing ^ ^'

Whispers to the leaves

Here is another sketch I did quickly in free time. More than a fairy she is a Nymph, a mythological creature.
I imagined her while whispers something to the autumn falling leaves.

Who know what she is saying :)

the last sketch for the vase- carving

and here's the last sketch for this adventure ^_^
in this one the nest itself was the vase. Also this one was too difficult for a person that does a vase-carving for the first time, but I liked vey much the idea, also because I love animals and fairies, and the two together was really a good thing to realize :) maybe the next time....

thanks for looking :)

sketch number 3

and here's to you another sketch...
in this one the vase was the trunk of the tree :)
unfortunately the idea was so original that someone copied it -_- , but Divine Justice there is always and the copied idea broke out in the oven ^_^
I'm not a bad person, and I'm very generous, but I don't like when the people copy the other ideas, I hate it...

thanks for looking as always :)

Another sketch for a vase-carving

Here I'm again ^_^ with another sketch I did some time ago, for the same vase carving, before I made my decision.
In this picture the hole for the vase had to be settled on the top of the mushroom, but it was very complicated to realize with the clay, too frail, so I declined, also because I didn't like it so much ^_^
and you? what do you think?
thanks for reading ;)

sabato 24 settembre 2011

A sketch for a vase carving

Hi everyone!! First of all I wanted to thanks my first two followers!! thank you so much! I hope I will not bore you and that you will not regret ^__^

I want to show you a sketch I did last year for a vase carving in clay. I did a lot of sketch and  I will show you everyones, but in the end I chose this one :)
and it seems that also my deviantart fans LOVE her, I'm very happy, thank you all!!
The hole for the vase carving had to be placed on the head, but in the end, the little fairy was so liked that I decided to not pierce her head anymore

I wish you like her and please,after seeing all the sketches for the vase let some comment : what'd you have chosen for a vase carving? :)

ah, I forgot...I realized the vase carving with this design, but it wasn't so beautiful like the drawing XD
thank you all!!

venerdì 23 settembre 2011

Here I am!! Hello everyone!

Here I am ^_^
finally I started a blog about my drawings!!
What can I there was to say I have mentioned in my profile, wanna read it? ^ ^
I really hope a lot of you will follow this blog and will help my drawings to be know in every part of the world!
I LOVE drawings, maybe I have already said it right? I don't want to bore you again  ^_^
I accept every kynd of COMMISSION, my stamp on things like jewel boxes, gifts,  backgrounds for your blog (I did the graphic of this blog, do you like? ) , everything!! JUST ASK ^ ^

Periodically I will update this blog with fairytales, things with my line art stamped on them, illustred stories, blogger backgrounds and many many other things!! Please follow me and give me the strenght to go on!!

note: remember that all the drawings you see are covered with copyright, don't use please

thanks for reading!