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venerdì 23 settembre 2011

Here I am!! Hello everyone!

Here I am ^_^
finally I started a blog about my drawings!!
What can I there was to say I have mentioned in my profile, wanna read it? ^ ^
I really hope a lot of you will follow this blog and will help my drawings to be know in every part of the world!
I LOVE drawings, maybe I have already said it right? I don't want to bore you again  ^_^
I accept every kynd of COMMISSION, my stamp on things like jewel boxes, gifts,  backgrounds for your blog (I did the graphic of this blog, do you like? ) , everything!! JUST ASK ^ ^

Periodically I will update this blog with fairytales, things with my line art stamped on them, illustred stories, blogger backgrounds and many many other things!! Please follow me and give me the strenght to go on!!

note: remember that all the drawings you see are covered with copyright, don't use please

thanks for reading!

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