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sabato 24 settembre 2011

A sketch for a vase carving

Hi everyone!! First of all I wanted to thanks my first two followers!! thank you so much! I hope I will not bore you and that you will not regret ^__^

I want to show you a sketch I did last year for a vase carving in clay. I did a lot of sketch and  I will show you everyones, but in the end I chose this one :)
and it seems that also my deviantart fans LOVE her, I'm very happy, thank you all!!
The hole for the vase carving had to be placed on the head, but in the end, the little fairy was so liked that I decided to not pierce her head anymore

I wish you like her and please,after seeing all the sketches for the vase let some comment : what'd you have chosen for a vase carving? :)

ah, I forgot...I realized the vase carving with this design, but it wasn't so beautiful like the drawing XD
thank you all!!

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